Shiva Mandir, Fort Lauderdale

Shiv Lingam, Margate
3000 NW 29th Avenue, Oakland Park, FLORIDA

Telephone : 954.735.3560

Temple Web site :

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  1. Tarah Ramlall says:


  2. Rupchand Ramdass says:

    Shiva Mandir, Fort lauderdale as per the search result heading, and Shiv Lingam, Margate are two distinct and separate organizations, unaffiliated with each other.
    Shiva Mandir is owned by Florida Hindu Organization, Inc. and located in Oakland Park, Florida 33311. Note that the email address was changed form .com to .org . The site is no longer accessible at .com.

    Shiv Lingam is located in Margate, Florida.
    Incidentally, I understand that organization had some changes recently and may not be using that name anymore. Feel free to investigate and confirm that.

    No need to add me to your mailing list.
    Best regards….

  3. Rupchand Ramdass says:

    correction…I meant that the web site is no longer (not the email address) It is now

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